Renting the Tivoli

Viquesney Meeting Room

For beginners


/two hours

  • Up to 45 guests
  • Table and Chairs included
  • Kitchenette available
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Movie School Field Trips

For beginners



auditorium Performance rental

For beginners


/six hours

  • Week Night Availablity T-Th
  • Includes light and sound tech
  • $1 fee for ticketing through the Tivoli online box office
  • Concessions available
  • $1000/six hour for Weekend F-Su (when available)
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auditorium 1 hour Wedding

For beginners



Auditorium Private Rental

For beginners


/three hours

  • Up to 50 guests
  • Your choice of movie
  • Also great for Business meetings or Corporate Training meetings. Microphone and projection available for presentations
  • Concessions available
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For beginners


/feature film